Cheapest hotel in kisumu.

Wecome to Mountainview backpackers hotel in Kisumu, Set up withing the Mmamba village crocodile park Kisumu, offering you cheap accommodation in kisumu.

Cheap lodgings in Kisumu, Kenya.

Mountainview Backpackers Kisumu, is set up as the ultimate backpacker and overland traveler destination with two major purposes. First to provide a raw, exciting, secure and memorable visitor destination and secondly to open up the amazing location to tourists and travelers.

Set inside the Mamba Village crocodile park Kisumu, we provide you with an opportunity to live, work and engage us at the crocodile park. Apart from accommodation and activities within the Camp. There is a wealth of activities including Gita Hills tours. Fishing expeditions in Kisumu. Fish with the locals at Dunga beach, Bird watching, Hiking, Bike safaris and many more activities.

The Mountainview Backpackers camp came out of the need to set up a facility for Budget travelers to Kisumu.