Kisumu Attractions and things to do.

Welcome to Mamba Village Kisumu. We also provide you with information on other attractions in Kisumu, places to visit, things to do.

Kisumu City

Attractions and things to do in Kisumu.

What else to do after Visiting the Crocodile Park?. We have a wealth of attractions and activities to Keep you busy all day every day in Kisumu.

  • Lake Victoria Boat Rides We provide custom made Boat rides in Lake Victoria. A simple ride or a visit to the islands. Welcome and contact us for more details
  • Island Visits There are several Islands notably, Ndere Island, Maboko Island, Rusinga Island etc that offer different experiences and sites. Definitely worth visiting.
  • Fishing Trips You can enjoy a fishing morning or evening in Lake Victoria, Gear up and catch some Papilla. We also arrange adventure fishing with the local fishermen. You can also come with your gear for a day our fishing.
  • Local Tours and Visits. Other activities include local village and live like a local.
  • Gita hills - Visit the breath taking Gita Hills in Kajulu. If you are a hiking enthusiast, this is a must do.

In an effort to add to Kisumu country tourist opportunities we have opened up the park for you to Enjoy. The Park also provides Education, Research, Awareness and Conservation opportunities to the local communities and Institutions. We also provide Pre Booked Lodging facilities.

Activities , Crocodile Park, lectures, children's playground, Camping ... At the Mamba Village Crocodile Park Kisumu, everything is ready for a great family day out!

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