Cheap Hotel Accommodation in Kisumu.

At the Mamaba Village Kisumu, we offer you several affordable accommodation packages for your stay in Kisumu City. Our facility is ideal for the budget traveller, backpackers and overland tourists.

cheap accommodation in kisumu.

Looking for the best and cheapest hotel accommodation in Kisumu? Welcome to Miuntainview Backpackers.

We also offer the following accommodation packages.

  1. Double Rooms Kshs 1,500/= B&B
  2. Single Rooms. Kshs 800/= B&B
  3. Shared accommodation Kshs 500 Per Extra Guest for Breakfast
  4. Dorm Bed Kshs 500 /=

  5. 25% discount on longterm stay for over 5 days.

    Mamba Village Kisumu and Mountainview Backpackers, a Hotel an Animal park in Kisumu that offers you:

    1. Accommodation,
    2. Bar and restaurant,
    3. Animal Park
    4. Privacy, Open Space.

    5. Flexible check out / in time.
    6. Free parking,
    7. Great food .

    Cheap lodgings in Kisumu

    OFFERS , All our Overnight Guest and campers have free access to the Crocodile Park, we also provide guided tours to Gita Hills and other amazing sites.

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Cheap and friendly accommodation in Kisumu